Decentralized energy production in favor of the environment


Keen competition in saturated markets as well as ever increasing energy demands are raising many questions in energy dependent sectors about guarantee of energy supply, and the future price development.

Our contributions at EVM to help solve that problem are:

● best possible environmental protection
● economical advantage for our customers
● excellent service
● permanent supply of energy
The economic technology of the CHP makes it possible.

What is a heat and power generation unit (CHP)?

A CHP generates heat and power where and when it is needed. Our customers reach maximum economic advantage because of the high efficiency of the CHP generation unit and avoidance of conduit losses.


for ex. propane, biogas, ethanol, etc.

What are the advantages of a CHP-unit from EVM?

Economic advantages:
● lowering of energy cost
● use of existing power installations
● individual, customized CHP-units
● supply assurance and flexibility
● use as an emergency generator
● additional income as energy producer

Ecological advantage:
● reduction of primary energy
● environment-friendly in view of emissions and ground water protection
● no distribution losses for power and heat production
● low noise technology

Additional use as emergency generator

In case of an energy supply brake down, the CHP-unit can be also used as a back-up generator.



Our contribution
to the

25% less nitric oxide
47% less carbon dioxide

In comparison to other heat supply systems, the heat from the CHP-unit can be produced without additional carbon dioxide emissions.






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